Plug & Play Device for Commercial Refrigeration

plug and play device for refrigeration sanitation

Whide Tube is a patented plug and play device that is applied inside commercial refrigerators with forced air circulation and is able to sanitise both the interior surface of the display and the product displayed. This is done through a germicidal action effective against 99 percent harmful microorganisms such as viruses, moulds and bacteria. Whide Tube is an appliance that performs an important preventive action against harmful microorganisms that can be deposited on the surfaces and on the packaging that are usually exposed to a high flow of customers and therefore with a potential risk of contamination.

Easy to install on any professional ventilated refrigeration, Whide Tube boasts a minimal design. Once fitted inside the air supply duct and connected to the power supply, it will start working automatically. Whide Tube is made by a sheet metal plate fixed with screws or magnets, to the internal wall of the refrigerator in the air supply duct. The sheet metal contains the UVC lamp protected by a curved cover which is attached to the plate fixed to the wall.

All sheet metal parts are treated with an active substance that combined with the photocatalytic and oxidising action of the UVC lamp produces OH hydroxyl radicals. These are then transported by the forced air circulation throughout the display and thanks to their very strong oxidising power are able to inactivate viruses, moulds and bacteria that can be deposited on the internal surfaces of the refrigerator.

The effectiveness has been proven by tests carried out by an accredited laboratory according to UNI EN ISO CEI/IEC 17025:2005 regulation; specialised in microbiology activities, particularly in examining and monitoring hard surfaces and outdoor spaces, using a biological sampler to determine the presence of microorganisms in indoor or outdoor environments.

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