Meet the Maker: Living Goodness

Living Goodness

Artisan food producers and premium fermented food aficionados Peter and Fiona, creators and managing partners of the Living Goodness brand, have since 2015, established this emerging food condiment as something of a daily staple on kitchen benches and dinner tables across New Zealand. They spoke to the team about everything kraut.

What is your current product range?

“We’ve been amazed at the growing interest in the market place as well as the increased consumer awareness to the benefits of raw, probiotic fermented foods especially their connection to gut health. There are six beautifully packaged flavoursome varieties to choose from, all loaded to the brim with naturally occurring friendly bacteria and tasty ingredients.  Our range uses a locally grown and tasty ingredients that when fermented complement and enhance the humble but essential green cabbage. Surprisingly the flavours that are leading at the moment are Sum Yum Kimchi, Heartbeet Kraut & Sassy Sauerkraut.  With super seaweed and kale Super Superkraut and the Quick Draw Slaw coleslaw just ahead of the Naked Sauerkraut. We’ve been extremely surprised at how much Kiwi’s are enjoying the spicy Korean, with a Kiwi twist, fermented dish!”

What is new with Living Goodness?

“We’ve been super excited that My Food Bag has chosen our products as components in their recipes, they’ve created some winning recipes like Korean Beef tacos with Sum Yum Kimchi slaw, one of our favourite. Talks are also underway with Countdown, who’ve been requesting products from the range to stock in the chiller aisles. And as is Peter’s nature he’s not content unless he’s looking for efficiencies or creating new products, so we have a few ideas in the pipeline which we hope to release this year.”

Where can individuals and the industry purchase your products?

“Our products can be found in specialist stores such as Farro Fresh, Huckleberry Farms, Naturally Organic and Moore Wilsons.  We’re also in over 80 New World stores across the North and South Island, selected Pak N Save and Raeward Fresh with hopefully Countdown to come." website

“Kraut rocks!”