Grower Celebrates 50 Years

Bobby Furby Kair Rescue Operations Manager, Anton Drazevic Kai Rescue CEO, Pierre Gargiulo, JS Ewers General Manager, David Price JS Ewers Head Grower

JS Ewers, one of New Zealand's leading market gardeners, celebrated 50 years since they started growing fresh produce on the Waimea plains near Nelson. To celebrate, the company is gifting fresh produce to local charity partner Kai Rescue and inviting the company’s original owners to a team event. 

“This milestone offers us a great opportunity to reflect on our history as a business and recognise the many people who have been part of our success over the past 50 years,” said Pierre Gargiulo, JS Ewers’ General Manager. 

In 1972 the original owner's John and Margaret Ewers, purchased an orchard property at Blackbyre Road in Appleby. They quickly transformed it from fruit production to an outdoor vegetable growing operation. The Ewers’  started growing tomatoes in indoor plastic houses in 1983 and invested in the first glasshouse in 1991. The current owners, Marketing Gardeners Ltd (trading as MG), became involved in the management of the business in 2012.

Former owner John Ewers speaking

“Hundreds of people have shaped our business and helped to make JS Ewers what it is today – including John and Margaret Ewers, current owners Market Gardeners Ltd, our past and present employees, their families, and of course, the large number of  New Zealand customers who continue to support our business by purchasing our product.”

In 2022 JS Ewers has 13 hectares of indoor hothouses that produce tomatoes, eggplants and capsicums. There are also 19 lines of fresh outdoor vegetables across 250 hectares of land. 

The company currently donates ten crates of fresh produce weekly to Kai Rescue and worked with the charity to supply a further 50 cartons to 50 different local community organisations to celebrate the 50 year milestone. 

We’re a genuine part of the community and have been a long-standing supporter of local activity. Given the support we receive back from the community, it seems fitting we use this occasion as an opportunity to give back.”

Geoff Lamont JS Ewers Indoor Grower loading the Kair Rescue truck