The Healthiest Non-Dairy Milk Alternatives Compared

Milk is a staple, it’s a tasty beverage and key ingredient in many recipes, and now, from a dash in coffee to a glass with cookies, plant-based milks are making a splash nationwide.

Industry experts estimate dairy alternatives will skyrocket from $21.4 billion in 2019 to nearly $37 billion by 2025. The growing popularity of non-dairy milks (up 61 percent between 2013 and 2018 alone) has also given rise to more options than ever.

From classic alternatives such as soy milk and almond milk to understated gems such as flaxseed milk, hemp milk, and more, Kiwi consumers have many options to consider — a pleasant problem to have.

When considering the milk that suits your customers’ needs, be on the lookout for elements such as taste, texture, and nutrition. Choose carefully with an open mind, and perhaps even dabble in making your own if you’re inclined. Check out this graphic for more insight on healthy non-dairy milk alternatives.

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