NZ’s First Alcohol-Free Bottle Shop is Cool AF!

In a move looking to disrupt the New Zealand alcohol market, ditch the social stigmas attached to not drinking and offer Kiwis a more diverse choice of alcohol-free options, Kiwi entrepreneur and founder of Eat My Lunch and AF Drinks, Lisa King, is opening New Zealand’s first-ever alcohol-free bottle shop in Central Auckland.

Opening from Thursday, 23rd June 2022, The Curious AF Bottle Shop will launch for a limited time, offering everyday Kiwis the opportunity to experience and purchase some of the world’s finest alcohol-free drinks being served around the globe.

Likened to a beautiful art installation, The Curious AF Bottle Shop aims to deliver a modern twist on the traditional liquor store. From the moment patrons step through the doors, they can expect to be wowed - going on a curated journey of discovery and experience that will leave their taste buds wanting more.

“From rugby games, Friday drinks with the workies, to backyard beersies - New Zealand is known for its big drinking culture,” expressed King.

“Even though positive change is happening, with more Kiwis exploring the Sober Curious movement and moderating alcohol consumption levels, there’s a much deeper culture associated with drinking alcohol that isn’t going to shift overnight.”

Over the last few years, the Sober Curious movement has gathered lots of momentum, largely driven by a shift in lifestyle changes and lockdowns.

“More recently, there’s been a growing trend emerging - and more people have been embracing better, healthier lifestyles, which has been spurred on by lockdowns across the pandemic” King continued.

“And now, consumer purchase habits have evolved - we are starting to see a change in acceptance levels and sales of alcohol-free products skyrocket, with alcohol-free zones popping up in supermarkets to accommodate for this change in demand.

“Whilst the changes that are happening are encouraging to see, a lot more groundwork needs to be done to help New Zealand’s Sober Curious movement catch up with where the rest of the world is.

“By launching The Curious AF Bottle Shop, we want to continue to normalise the subject of not drinking, so it’s not a socially awkward conversation or situation. And we want to introduce Kiwis to the vast variety of alcohol-free drinks available - you don’t just have to drink water!”

Those heading to The Curious AF Bottle Shop can expect to be taken down a winding path of discovery that seamlessly introduces them to the world’s best alcohol-free pre-mixed drinks, spirits, wines, beers and ciders. And across each week, the AF Drinks team will offer visitors a different tasting experience.

“Flooded in beautiful lighting, curated florals and bottle displays, we’re thrilled to be able to take New Zealanders through The Curious AF Bottle Shop and look forward to meeting everyone that visits over the next six weeks,” concluded King.

“Ultimately, we want people to leave our shop feeling uplifted and empowered, and more open to supporting people choosing not to drink. And should they later choose not to drink on a night out, across July or longer-term, it’s really not a biggy. In fact, it’s cool AF!”