Remy Robotics Opens 3rd Autonomous Robotic Kitchen

Well and truly exiting stealth mode with the opening of a third autonomous robotic kitchen, Remy Robotics, a food technology start-up, is leading the disruption of delivery-only restaurants using adaptive robotics and culinary engineering.

With over 60,000 robot-cooked dishes sold and top customer ratings across all major delivery apps, Remy Robotics is now ready to expand its delivery-only restaurant business with more brands and more locations. The company's successful track record means it is now ready to offer its autonomous robotic kitchen platform to other food operators looking to scale their business, improve profitability and solve the labour shortage challenge.

Founded in late 2018, the company has been operating five food brands out of two locations, one in Barcelona and one in Paris, adding now a third kitchen in the Catalan capital. The company's approach to food robotics is revolutionary: not just bowl-based recipes or machine vending-style automation, but real flexibility where AI-powered robots can cook a variety of foods, with over 100 recipes from different cuisines already in the company's arsenal and the ability to launch new food concepts every other month.

Yegor Traiman

The flexibility of Remy Robotics' solution allows for limitless menu options with consistent quality, while at the same time enabling fast and easy deployment, with an autonomous kitchen installed and operative in just 48 hours. The plug-and-play nature of Remy Robotics' platform, together with the inherent flexibility of its solution, is the key to the scalability the company can offer to any food operator aiming to grow their operations with minimal effort and risk.

"We've been working hard behind the scenes to create a robotics solution that goes beyond the hype and delivers real commercial results,” explained Yegor Traiman, Founder and CEO of Remy Robotics.

“The food delivery market is a fast-growing sector, but still not economically healthy and sustainable. Robotics can change that. Quality inconsistency, labour shortage, low margins- these can all be a thing of the past with our robotic restaurant platform."

Remy Robotics delivery-only restaurant platform

Remy's solution is powered by autonomous kitchens that are built with robots at the centre: not trying to mimic what a human chef would do but making the most of what robots do best. The solution is built around algorithmic cooking with M2M communication between proprietary smart ovens, fridges, and robotic arms to cook food 40 percent faster than the average delivery restaurant.

Remy's unique approach means food must be designed with robots in mind, too. The company's culinary engineering team develops recipes and cooking techniques based on dozens of different parameters, such as the specific shape of Remy's proprietary packaging, moisture lost during the cooking process, cooking during delivery and many other variables.