ReadyStream System Transforms Media Preparation and Dispensing

The Life Science business sector of Merck, a leading science and technology company, has launched a first-of-its-kind solution that prepares and instantly dispenses culture media for use in microbiological food testing. The innovative ReadyStream system offers automated media preparation to conveniently provide a large volume of preheated media, eliminating five time-consuming steps in the testing process.

Culture media and sample preparation is typically a time-consuming, multi-step process for food testing labs, especially those testing in large sample volumes. With traditional microbiological food testing methods, quality control lab technicians prepare the culture media themselves or use voluminous bags of ready-to-use media. The ReadyStream system carries several significant advantages over traditional methods. 

These advantages include on-demand availability with up to 100 litres of ISO 11133-compliant culture media able to be prepared at the touch of a button right in the lab, at the point of use. Other advantages include 10x concentration of media, enhanced time savings due to automation, and greater convenience. Autoclaving, powder handling, washing and dealing with bottles are eliminated from the process using the ReadyStream system.

The ReadyStream system, with its media preparation and dispensing units, media bags and other accessories, is now available for purchase.