Decarbonising Fund Good for Business

decarbonising industry fund

BusinessNZ said Government support to decarbonise large businesses will benefit those willing to explore innovative technologies while paving the way for others to adopt.

Fifteen businesses have received funding as part of the Government’s third round of Investment in Decarbonising Industry fund, administered by EECA. BusinessNZ Chief Executive Kirk Hope said sustainability makes good business sense.

"Investing in cleaner processes for larger industrial players will have a knock-on effect for small to medium enterprises. The more we see investment in new, low-carbon technology, the more affordable it becomes for others to take up,” said Hope.

Small to medium enterprises (SMEs) make up 97% of New Zealand’s businesses.

"Together SMEs create a powerful cohort to reach sustainability goals in New Zealand.

"Hopefully what we’ll see as a result of this investment is more businesses choosing to replicate innovative sustainable practices that come from early adopters."