What a Fungi! The Vegetable of 2022: Mushrooms

Named as ingredient of the year by the New York Times, a new superfood is set to claim the spotlight. Edible fungi are being hailed by food experts and health gurus as the culinary must-have for 2022.

In many recipes, mushrooms are both essential and discreet, providing key flavors but not upstaging other ingredients. And they’re having a moment as the world market for mushrooms is booming.

Mushrooms as ‘Meat’

As more consumers seek to adopt a plant-based diet for ethical, environmental, and health reasons, mushrooms are much in demand because they provide the ‘meatiness’ that some newbie flexitarians crave.

Health Benefits

Mushrooms pack a punch when in comes to wellbeing components, with everything from vitamins B and D to antioxidants and the latest buzzword: adaptogens.

It is believed that certain types of mushrooms may help reduce the effects of stress. Examples include reishi, which some studies have shown function as adaptogens by lowering cortisol levels to potentially alleviate chronic stress and fatigue.

The Mushroom Market

The global mushroom market is booming and according to research firm Technavio, sales are expected to grow by $18.78 billion by 2025.

What is being dubbed "mushroom tech" is on the rise with innovations popping up in everything from biodegradable packaging as a replacement for polystyrene to fungi being used to brew alcohol-free craft beer and make alternatives to dairy products.

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