New Organic A3 Milk Powder – Truly!

From the Waikato-based team who brought us A3 milk*, and organic milk in a cask, Ours Truly has now launched a range of A3 organic milk powders, available for both the at-home consumer and foodservice providers.

A rich source of high-quality protein, vitamins and minerals, Ours Truly milk powders are naturally nutrient-dense and able to deliver a range of health and nutrition propositions for different age groups.

Two products in the range, A3 Organic Lactose-free Whole Milk Powder and A3 Organic Lactose-free Skim Milk Powder, also cater to consumers with particular food intolerances, said Ours Truly chief executive Clay Fulcher.

“We’ve seen an increased demand for lactose-free dairy products globally over the last few years, so we want to ensure that people with lactose intolerance, or following a low FODMAP diet, are able to enjoy A3 organic dairy too,” explained Fulcher.

“The whole range has been really well received since it launched earlier this month, we’ve had global interest from Asia and the Middle East – as well as from consumers and potential retailers here in New Zealand.”

* A3™ = A2 Beta-casein cow’s milk + USDA/NOP organic certified.