Invivo Enters Crypto Market

New Zealand wine and spirits producer Invivo has entered the crypto market for their celebrity wine brands Graham Norton’s Own and Invivo X, Sarah Jessica Parker.

Released initially in what will be a continuing series of auctions, will be ten Graham Norton HE-DEVIL NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) that combine the best of both the digital and real-world and mark the launch of Norton’s sixth wine, GN HE-DEVIL, available in stores this November.

What are NFTs?

NFTs are vouchers of authenticity for digital assets that can be traded and tracked with blockchain technology. In an innovative move, Invivo’s first foray into this virtual world will pair both digital and physical unique assets and experiences.

The HE-DEVIL NFTs will unlock an annual “first release” bottle of new wines, a physical static print of their artwork signed by the Invivo Cofounders and membership to the Invivo Federation of Friends (IFF). IFF Membership is allocated with every Invivo NFT and allows the holder to unlock exclusive virtual wine tastings, discounts on Invivo products and special experiences.

10 HE-DEVIL tokens are offered for sale on Opensea now at an opening price of ETH 0.06 (approx. $300 USD at time of writing) and the auction will run for 14 days. As an added bonus, one of the Editions will be eligible to unlock a surprise live, virtual, one-on-one celebrity tasting experience with Graham Norton, with net proceeds of this NFT given to charity.

The second collection of NFTs will follow soon after and, among other assets, will include the Sarah Jessica Parker X label artwork in a digital form from the award-winning Invivo X, Sarah Jessica Parker Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc and Rosé from Provence wines. Future collections also include digital imagery of Invivo’s infamous global shipping ‘wine protest’.

Founded by two entrepreneurial Kiwis Tim Lightbourne and Rob Cameron, Invivo has rapidly created a name for itself - being awarded Wine Spectator’s Top 100 wines in the world in 2020 and a Deloitte’s Fast50 growth company. Invivo has successful star-studded wine collaborations with Graham Norton and Sarah Jessica Parker who are both shareholders of Invivo.

The NFT market for wine is still relatively young and previous wine NFTs have unlocked artwork and ownership of barrels and wine, but never before has there been an NFT that has unlocked a virtual celebrity wine tasting, a “first release” bottle of every new wine launched by Invivo, a physical print of its artwork and membership to the Invivo Federation of Friends club, that unlocks tangible physical benefits.

Invivo is focused on extending its community further globally and digitally, through its regular NFT releases.

“At Invivo, we were the first winery in the Southern Hemisphere to equity crowdfund successfully back in 2015 and we always aim to do things a little differently. We enjoy building the Invivo community, and we see our long-term NFT strategy as a part of our business, building value in the digital world and creating an exclusive community with the IFF (Invivo Federation of Friends) who will be eligible for Invivo surprises over the coming years. This is about continuing to innovate in the wine world. Some of our NFT owners might not be familiar with Burgundy but they will understand what Blockchain means.”

With more than 14 million bottles of wine sold since the launch of the GN range, Invivo hopes there is a fan base out there wanting to have their own collectable Invivo NFT.

More information can be found on the Invivo website.