New Global Genetics Business

Andrew Mackenzie and Wendy Cashmore

T&G Global has launched VentureFruit, a global genetics and variety management business.

Built off T&G’s deep experience in creating value from new fruit varieties, VentureFruit will bring new and superior fruit to consumers, retailers and growers around the world.

Coinciding with its launch, VentureFruit has signed two key partnerships. It is co-investing alongside science organisation Plant & Food Research in a range of new and unique berries, of which VentureFruit will be the exclusive global commercialisation partner. In addition, it is also partnering with Plant IP Partners to test and evaluate new varieties of apples which have been bred in New Zealand.

Gareth Edgecombe, Chief Executive T&G Global noted that unique plant genetics are critical to shaping the future of a sustainable, global fresh produce sector.

“With consumers’ needs continually evolving, it’s vital our sector delivers on taste, nutrition, convenience and sustainability,” commented Edgecombe.

“We need to provide consumers and customers with great tasting, healthy fruit, and at the same time ensure that what we grow and the way we do it has a light footprint. Plant genetics play a pivotal role in delivering this.

“Over the course of T&G’s 124-year history, we’ve established a track record in global IP management and commercialisation, built from our deep expertise in plant varieties and our extensive network of the world’s best genetics and scientific partners. This has seen us create premium brands from exclusively licensed varieties, including Plant & Food Research’s cultivar ‘Scilate’ marketed as Envy™, which is today one of the leading apple brands in the United States and Asia.

“Through unique varieties, our sector can grow high-value premium fresh produce. With this, the increased value will be generated for consumers, retailers, growers, and communities, and we can help nurture our natural environment through adaptation and innovation.”

In addition to its two new partnerships, VentureFruit has established an extensive pipeline of premium apple, pear and berry varieties and will work with customers across the globe, as well as providing its variety management services to T&G Global.