Off the back of Speight’s Summit Ultra’s soaring popularity, Lion has launched Speight’s Summit Zero lager, the first zero alcohol beer under the Speight’s brand.

“Zero alcohol beer is forecast to hit $25 billion in sales globally by 2024. In New Zealand, the lighter beer category2 is growing at 24% percent1, but as a proportion of total beer sales, New Zealand is still well below global levels. There is huge untapped consumer demand and growth to be seen," said Lion NZ Marketing Director Rachel Ellerm.

Consumers’ relationship with alcohol is changing and they are seeking out lighter options.

“Independent consumer research3 conducted for Lion points to health and wellness as the single biggest trend influencing consumers’ alcohol choices – how much, what and when they drink.

“Eighty-nine percent of people interviewed believe they are responsible for their health; 49 percent say they are trying to live a healthy life and 50 percent are consciously moderating their drinking.3

“Consumers seeking a balanced lifestyle is showing up in the sales data loud and clear. We’re seeing year-on-year growth in the low and no alcohol, low carb and cal, and ‘free from’, such as gluten free, categories.”

The Speight’s brand is now New Zealand’s number one selling beer by volume.1

“Speight’s has hit blockbuster status as New Zealand’s number one selling beer by volume and we’ve seen unprecedented growth in Summit Ultra our low carb beer in the four years since it launched.

“People love the taste of Speight’s so a zero-alcohol option was the logical next step. We’re excited to be launching Speight’s Summit 0.0% lager. Lion has been actively growing its no and low alcohol beverage portfolio and has a number of lighter or near zero percent options available; this is Lion’s second alcohol free beer. We expect it to be a huge hit with Speight’s fans and consumers looking for a lighter option alike,” says Ellerm.

  1. June MAT Scan Nielsen 2021
  2. Lighter options include Low/No Alcohol, Low Carb/Cal, and Free From (e.g. Gluten Free)
  3. Consumer Research source: Lion Usage and Attitude Study, 3000 interviews, NZ representative. Kantar 2019