New Circular Packaging for Talley’s

Packaging Forum chief executive Rob Langford said the new carton was an example of circular product innovation.

Working with packaging company Sealed Air on an innovative new cardboard box, Talley’s is helping to remove 180,000 polystyrene containers from landfill every year. The box allows fish to be carried in unrefrigerated vans without the seafood deteriorating.

The move has been praised by the Packaging Forum, as an example of innovative thinking coming to fruition.

The new TempGuard cartons, which are fully recyclable and made from 80 percent recycled materials, have been rolled out throughout the Talley’s supply chain.

“Avoiding food waste, reducing the risk of environmental contamination and minimising non-recyclables going to landfill,” said Talley’s account manager Greg Buckett.

Expanded polystyrene had been the industry go-to for keeping the produce insulated, but it was not recyclable and would break apart in landfills, contaminating waterways.

The TempGuard boxes have padded cardboard that provides insulation and cushioning for the fish, while still being suitable for kerbside recycling. Trials were carried out on the hottest days because previous products Talley’s had trialled worked on cooler days, but not when the temperature rose. The new design worked just as well as polystyrene, even in summer.

“All supermarket store managers were so happy with it, they requested we change to this solution immediately,” commented Buckett.

The new cartons also meet the Sealed Air goal of 100 per cent recyclable packaging solutions by 2025 and are an example of a circular product – where a product can be recycled and made back into the same item.

Foodstuffs awarded Talley’s its national sustainability award at the 2021 Foodstuffs Expo, and Sealed Air received the 2020 Gold ANZ PIDA Sustainability Award (Product Protection) and was a finalist for the 2020 New Zealand Sustainable Business Awards.