Validated Testing Facilitates Global Hemp Commerce

The use of hemp from commercial hemp (poor in cannabinoids) is becoming increasingly popular. Hemp seeds, hemp protein powder or other processed products can be found on the market. Due to the different hemp varieties with sometimes significant amounts of anaesthetics, it is crucial to know the exact content of these substances.

Tentamus offers robust analysis of hemp and hemp-based products in the USA, Europe, Asia and Israel. This global group of experts provides unparalleled knowledge and consult on different market requirements. With the support of Tentamus, clients from around the world can enter different markets for hemp products with confidence.

“By bringing together all our knowledge, Tentamus Labs can offer a complete suite of hemp analyses,” commented Annika Wessels, Business Manager Food at QSI, Germany.

“From initial legal consultation to defensible final test results, we help clients to open market doors and sell products worldwide.”

Tentamus has been testing hemp and hemp products since Medical Cannabis hit the mainstream. Since then, Tentamus has evolved into a global expert team for hemp analysis, offering potency, pesticides, toxins, solvents, microbiology and more on any hemp product.

“Quality and contaminants testing are the cornerstones of compliance and marketability of hemp products,” said Kelly O’Connor, Cannabis Services Director, Columbia Labs, USA.

“Which are pervasive in Cosmetics, Supplements, Wellness Products, Food, and Pet Food. When navigating all these testing nuances in a global, fragmented market- you need a partner with the expertise and connections to support your growth.”