Making Pals with the Low-to-No Alcohol Trend

Just in time for Dry July, Kiwi favourite RTD brand, Pals, has introduced a limited-edition, zero-alcohol flavour to its product line-up. The flavour will be a variation of Pals’ incredibly popular, Central Otago, Peach, Passionfruit and Soda, maintaining the clean, iconic Pals taste using natural and local ingredients.

In another first for the Kiwi brand, the limited-edition, alcohol-free Pals will be stocked in liquor stores, Farro Fresh and at Countdown supermarkets nationwide, marking this as the brand’s first foray into grocery.

Like Pals’ alcoholic flavours, the new zero-alcohol variation has no artificial colours, sweeteners or preservatives and contains all-natural flavours and real-fruit extracts. It’s vegan, gluten-friendly and has the lowest-calorie offering of all the Pals yet, at 5 calories per 100ml.

Launching an alcohol-free alternative is another achievement that is a testament to Pals’ commitment to innovation in the ‘better for you’ RTD space. In New Zealand and globally, zero and low-alcohol drinks have become a leading emerging trend, with young people predominantly driving this shift[1]. Beverages like zero and low-alcohol beers and ciders have seen a growth of 105% from December 2019 to December 2020[2]. However, the selection of zero-alcohol RTDs remains largely limited even though they currently hold the second-highest share of the liquor market after beer[3].

Creating a zero-alcohol alternative to respond to this and cater to all was a no brainer for Pals.

“With pals being part of the new ‘better for you’ category we almost thought it was our responsibility to make sure we also catered for people who were looking for a non-alc alternative. There were limited options in the non-alc space that cater for people looking for a light, crisp, refreshing, low sugar option so we wanted to change that.

We’re also stoked to have Countdown and Farro on board as our grocery partners - it’s the first time we’ve launched Pals product in supermarkets and we’re really excited to see how people respond and where it leads,” he added.

Since its inception in October 2019, Pals has grown from strength to strength, launching its most popular flavour yet, landing a lucrative export deal with Australia's largest integrated drinks and hospitality business Endeavour Drinks Ltd, and winning a historic tender with Eden Park as the official pouring partner its first-ever concert - all in the last 12 months.

“Pals is a brand that is committed to being inclusive and an instigator of good times. Our new zero alcohol Pal ensures everyone can be part of the fun, regardless of what they’re drinking. We hope that it helps keep everyone, especially the legends doing Dry July refreshed and hydrated.” says Nick.

The limited-edition Peach and Passionfruit Zero Alcohol Pals will be housed in a six-pack at 330ml a can and priced at $16.99 RRP, available to enjoy from 28th June 2021, just in time for Dry July, while stocks last.

Aside from its zero-alcohol innovation, Pals has five thirst-quenching flavours in the market; Vodka, Central Otago Peach, Passionfruit & Soda; Vodka, Hawke’s Bay Lime & Soda; Vodka, Watermelon, Mint & Soda; Gin, Hawke’s Bay Lemon, Cucumber & Soda; and American Whiskey, Hawke’s Bay Apple & Soda.

[1] Insight sourced from NZ Alcoholic Beverages Council -

[2] Research conducted by NZ Alcohol Beverages Council surveying 1000 New Zealanders on their attitudes to drinking in December 2020

[3] Data sourced from local research conducted by Nielsen in May 2020