Beauty From Within


Beautiful skin on the outside starts with a healthy foundation inside.  SCULPT Pure Marine Collagen is made from 100% pure fish collagen with added Vitamin C and Zinc to aid optimal skin structure and contribute to the maintenance of hair and nails.  Added Magnesium helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue.  Designed to fit your daily routine in a convenient re-sealable pouch so you can take it anywhere with no mess, no fuss and no spills.

Horleys is proud to present these 4 delightful new variants of Superior Type 1 Collagen products branded under the SCULPT “intelligent well-being” range.

Flavoured products are known as Chocolate Indulgence, Vanilla Radiance, Forest Berry Glow and the unflavoured is simply, Natural.  With between 85-99 grams of pure fish collagen per 100 gram pouch, these products are the Rolls Royce of collagen and yet very affordable.

Dairy free – Soy Free- Gluten Free - Pescatarian Friendly and Bioavailable which enables optimal absorption.

Manufactured right here in New Zealand by Hansells Masterton (owner of Horleys)

Contact your local Surge SMC Territory Sales Manager for further information.