Drying Solutions Limited

Rexmoi® Air Tray Dryers are energy efficient dryers that remove excess moisture from many products using low temperatures. As the Rexmoi® Dryers are fully enclosed they are not affected by outside conditions and neither do they affect the outside conditions. Temperature is very controllable (within 0.5oC) with a range from -5oC to 70oC. They can cook products at low temperature, be used as a cool room prior to dehumidifying the product and then cool the product down once dried. The product can be checked during the drying process and can be dried to whatever level is required (not all or nothing drying). All stainless-steel construction. Various types of trays styles to suit different products. Can be connected to a PC for the recording of processed data. All Rexmoi® Dryers are plug and play technology.

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