Cannabis Summit to Lock in Gains Despite Referendum Result

According to Dr Zahra Champion, Executive Director of BioTechNZ and MedCan Summit 2020 organiser, medicinal cannabis is set to deliver big economic wins for the country despite the referendum on recreational cannabis now unlikely to pass.

“Let’s not forget the majority of companies have not been focused on recreational, but rather the medicinal market for New Zealanders and exporting overseas,” noted Dr Champion.

“Let’s now return our focus to medicinal cannabis and all the benefits New Zealand’s most exciting sunrise industry will deliver, including hundreds of millions of extra export dollars in the coming years.”

Regardless of recreational cannabis remaining illegal, New Zealand is well placed to play a key role in the fast-growing global medicinal cannabis industry which is forecast to be worth US$55 billion by 2025.

“New Zealand is poised to develop and deliver high-quality products backed by science, technology and clinical trials. In fact, given all the economic uncertainty with COVID-19, it’s even more critical that New Zealand’s medicinal cannabis industry thrives. It’s exciting that we’re all coming together in November to ensure its success,” said Dr Champion.

Taking place over two days at Auckland’s Aotea Centre, BioTechNZ is set to host New Zealand’s first medicinal cannabis summit, MedCan 2020. The summit will ensure a greater scientific and medical understanding of cannabis as well as exploring the economic opportunities and navigating the new regulations. Organisers are encouraging more health professionals to attend.

Dr Champion explained that given the referendum result, an increasing number of suffering Kiwi patients will rely on doctors to prescribe medicinal cannabis products where appropriate. Better informed healthcare professionals as well as the availability of local products from next year will undoubtedly improve patient access and reduce cost barriers.

MedCan 2020 delegates will hear from over 30 world-leading and local subject experts, presenting either in-person or virtually. All speakers are extensively profiled on MedCan 2020’s dedicated website, which also includes the full two-day programme.

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