Dynamic Dedication to Development

Dynamic Inspection Limited is a New Zealand company specialising in the sales and service of in line product inspection equipment including metal detectors, checkweighers, colour sorting, defect removal and x-ray equipment. They work with Fortress Technology based in Canada to bring Kiwi customers the very latest in metal detection equipment.

From the smallest companies to the largest food, healthcare and consumer goods groups, customers are initially attracted by Dynamic Inspection’s higher technology, they return to for the reliability and simplicity of the products on offer. With decades of design and application experience, Dynamic Inspection is dedicated to developing and applying the best technological solutions to the problem of product contamination.

In 1998 the company started manufacturing Fortress Metal detectors and now has thousands of metal detectors installed around the globe. Dynamic Inspection has recently supplied another multi aperture metal detection system into the market.

The single Fortress search head is comprised of four separate apertures with individual products being inspected by each one. The main advantage of this approach is that there is only minimal widening of the conveyor belt to accommodate a single search head as opposed to installing 4 individual metal detectors. This reduces both the cost and the footprint.

Each aperture has its own reject station meaning individual products are rejected rather than multiple products. All four apertures are controlled from the one control panel which streamlines operator access. Multi aperture units are available in two, three, four or more apertures.

Dynamic Inspection offer a 24-hour seven day a week 0800 phone number for service in New Zealand. You will be in contact with a qualified Dynamic Inspection Limited service technician.

New Zealand 24/7 Help Line: 0800 823 4111

For more information visit dynamicinspection.co.nz