MOA Moves Classic Range to Cans

beer cans go sustainable

MOA has moved their entire “classic” range to cans, in the first step towards a more sustainable future.

With many positive factors of this shift at play; MOA is excited about the new step towards a greater future for drinkers and the brand alike as Aotearoa continue to adapt to the challenge of a new sustainable world.

With a slick, fresh new design the rollover to cans begun in May 2020 and is so far seeing great reception.

The eight classic varieties, including the MOA Station I.P.A, Dry Hopped Pilsner, Big Sky A.P.A, Pelorus X.P.A, Moa Pale Ale, Original Lager, Wild Coast Black Beer, and the Session Pale Ale will all be now only available in the 330ml can offering.

Outside of being fully recyclable cans have so many other benefits such as the product chills faster, they protect the beer better from harmful light, and they are great for hunting, hiking, camping and beach, bach and boat.

There are also multiple benefits for retail partners such as better fridge space utilisation, fewer breakages, and higher stock weight will mean that customers will have more fresh stock available all year round.

The shift is set to reinforce MOA’s strong stance as one of New Zealand’s authentic and Independently owned NZ as they redefine growth, focusing on positive society-wide benefits.

"The market is rapidly moving towards cans and while we are focussed on the overall positive environmental impact, it’s also great to know it’s also positive for our drinkers and our retailer," said CEO of MOA Brewing, Stephen Smith.

MOA is pleased to finally be making moves in a positive direction and like all things at Moa they are trying to lead the market in this direction.