Harraways Donate Oats to Help Locals in Need

salvation army and harraways feed locals

Dunedin based Harraway & Sons, New Zealand’s only oat manufacturer, is working with the Salvation Army donating oats to locals in need. From August/September 2020 oats are beginning to flow through to the key South Island Salvation Army food bank depots in Nelson, Christchurch, Queenstown, Dunedin, and Invercargill.

Over the next 6 months Harraways, alongside the Salvation Army, will provide over 100,000 South Islanders with a serve of nourishing porridge as the Salvation Army manages the 300% increase in food parcel demand.

“The Salvation Army centres around New Zealand are doing wonderful work to support Kiwis in need and the organisation stretches its’ effort even further in times of great challenge like we are seeing presently. They truly are ‘Always There’!”, said Henry Hawkins, Harraways CEO.

The Harraways brand began within the southern gold rush of the 1860s. Over this 153-year journey, the still privately-owned company is proud to have helped fuel Kiwis through world wars and global recessions with its distinctive, nutritious, plant-based food products.

Oats overall is undoubtedly one of the classic comfort foods. This characteristic, combined with their strong nutritional value and excellent value for money, means that oats have been a staple plant-based food for countless generations.

This is certainly a good example of a successful, locally owned business helping local Kiwi families at a very tough time!