Creating Affordable And Accessible Security Solutions

Tuff Security

Clive Green, the manager at Tuff Security, has been with the company for the last five years, having previously worked in sales and business development for another security company prior, which Green described as a real eye-opener to how much crime there was in New Zealand.

Tuff Security's ethos was formed around offering residential and commercial properties and companies products that were easily accessible to purchase, with options such as click and collect, but also to provide affordable products.

"Security is not a product that most people want. It's more a need and an expense that doesn't offer a return financially (accept cheaper insurance, sometimes) but does offer a return on well-being and stress and feeling comfortable and safe," said Green.

Clive Green

Allowing customers to feel comfortable and safe is vital to Tuff Security. Green added that it drove the business to get its products into customers' hands as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Having been up and running since the start of 2023, Tuff security and its customers are supply only, feedback of which Green said was at a minimum. However, the company has had repeat customers come back for different or more items, leaving positive online reviews.
Tuff Security's competitive edge comes down to its affordable price point and the availability of unique items such as adjustable window bars.

"We also get our products shipped on the same day 99 percent of the time."

Green continued that customers were looking for security for a reason, and Tuff Security was committed to catering to customer needs, with the knowledge that people didn't want to wait a week or month if they could receive a product that worked for their needs and was quickly delivered.

Tuff Security's best-selling item is its adjustable window bars, followed by its steel gates, which have been imported from South Africa, which Green commented was the number one place for sourcing quality security.

These security solutions are sold with an even split, with 50 percent going to residential and 50 percent to commercial businesses. Green said the window bars were easy to install, strong, and quickly delivered to customers' doors. The steel gates are primarily sold to residential properties as an upgrade to traditional aluminium fly screens. However, steel gates have also been popular for small dairies and convenience stores, which use them to protect staff and families.

Tuff Security also has a blog that they regularly update to give customers important information about different products and to keep people informed regarding New Zealand's crime rates.

"If we had to give advice, it would not rely on one security item only. More than a camera or window bars is required. Layer your security. Cameras and lights can be deterrents, but most burglars and thieves come masked.”

Green also advised adding physical barriers such as bars, grilles, locking systems, bollards, and ram beams. He further advised that if funding allowed, having monitoring from a professional security company that can be at the premises quickly would be beneficial.

For the future, Tuff Security is committed to expanding its range with new and innovative products to offer more security solutions for businesses. The company is searching for an affordable fog cannon to supply to smaller dairies, jewellers, and retail stores.

"We are constantly looking to collaborate with other safety and security companies and supply them with products that we have access to, and they have an online visibility to sell these items to Kiwis who need them installed quickly."