Local Brand Doubles Community Fund

The potato patch at Waitetuna School

Raglan Food Co credits much of its success to the enthusiastic support from locals, so it is only natural that the business has decided to double its community fund to $10,000. The Ragland Food Co Community fund was launched last year, and the $5,000 was split between grants for projects that included protecting endangered Oi birds, planting trees, rescuing fruit, teaching children about gardening, and raising mental health awareness.

“We wanted to make it easy for local groups who align with our social and environmental values to ask for support. We’re seeing some great project applications come through and want to continue backing more initiatives in our local community,” said Tesh Randall, co-founder.

Young gardeners at Waitetuna School

Applications are now open for the final round of grants this year on the Raglan Food Co website.

“Funding from Raglan Food Co has allowed us to build a ‘Community Foodbowl’ at Waitetuna  School. The children have been loving planting seedlings in the greenhouse and garden beds and eating vegetables they’ve grown themselves! So far we’ve harvested kumara, spinach, and tomatoes, have set up potatoes and will be planting other summer vegetables in term four. It’s great to see them so engaged in learning about gardening,” said Amanda Nasilasila, Waitetuna Principal.

“We were able to pay for the print costs of our Mental Health Toolbox with Raglan Food Co’s funding. It’s been made freely available to the whole community as a resource to prompt conversations about mental wellbeing – since we put it together as volunteers, this financial support was hugely appreciated,” said Ruby Gibbs.