New Zealand Red Meat Sector Representatives Travel to EU Ahead of Crunch Trade Talks

Beef & Lamb EU trade talks

New Zealand red meat sector leaders head to Brussels this week as negotiations between the European Union and New Zealand for a Free Trade Agreement enter a critical stage.

Meat Industry Association chief executive Sirma Karapeeva and Beef + Lamb New Zealand chief executive Sam McIvor will be supporting New Zealand trade negotiators during the talks, which are being held just days before the end of June deadline to conclude an Agreement in Principle.

Sirma Karapeeva, Meat Industry Association Chief Executive

“Negotiations are coming to a crunch and this trip to Brussels highlights just how important these discussions are to New Zealand’s red meat sector,” said Karapeeva.

“New Zealand has been a longstanding and trusted trade partner of the EU and our companies have been providing consumers with safe, nutritious and high-quality products for decades.

“Despite this, New Zealand is one of the few countries that does not have an FTA with the EU and so this is an opportunity to conclude a high quality, comprehensive and ambitious trade agreement.”

Sam McIvor, chief executive of B+LNZ, said New Zealand and the EU share common values and a commitment to high production standards and robust regulatory frameworks for food safety and quality, animal welfare and sustainability.

Sam McIvor, Beef + Lamb New Zealand Chief Executive

“A high quality and ambitious trade deal between New Zealand and the EU is a natural fit so we will be imploring our negotiators to strike a deal that reflects this and delivers real benefits to the sector.”