Commemorating 140 Years on National Lamb Day

National Lamb Day is celebrated on the 24th of May every year to commemorate the day in 1882 when the first shipment of frozen sheep meat arrived in the UK aboard the Dunedin. This year National Lamb Day will be commemorating 140 years.

The shipment was organised by two entrepreneurs, William Davidson and Thomas Brydone and left New Zealand on February 15th from Port Chalmers, Otago. That historic journey of around 5,000 carcasses was the beginning of what is now a multibillion-dollar industry. New Zealand farmers produce some of the best lamb and the rest of the world just can’t get enough.

With access to premium brands, products and cuts, chefs love to showcase the best of what New Zealand farmers have grown.  With the knowledge that Kiwi farmers are pushing the boundaries and growing amazing produce, chefs feel proud to be able to tell the paddock to plate story to their guests.

Amateur Kiwi chefs also love cooking lamb at home, the Sunday roast has not gone out style and in a poll conducted last year, 31 percent of Kiwis said that lamb is their meat of choice to serve at Christmas time.

To celebrate the incredible lamb suppliers in Aotearoa, Beef + Lamb NZ has a beautiful gallery of photos taken on New Zealand farms, you can see more at www.beeflambnz/the-farmers-collective