Cultivating New Food Systems at Anuga 2021

COVID-19 has once again revealed the weaknesses and fragility of the global food supply chains. We are on the threshold of one of the fastest and far-reaching changes in the food system. The sales of plant-based products are exploding, whilst cellular agriculture and precision fermentation have the potential to change the way we grow our food for ever.

In partnership with Anuga 2021, the New Food Conference is picking up on precisely this and is inviting food professionals from all over the world, both on-site in Cologne as well as across the digital platform, Anuga @home, to inform themselves about the progress of cultivated protein technologies.

First-class speakers will give an insight into the possibilities and business opportunities of cellular agriculture as a unique complementary solution to plant-based products and with regards to the creation of a sustainable food system. This forward-looking section will enable the production of more tasty, safer, more affordable and more sustainable animal-based products and at the same time enable the creation of a new generation of products that mix plant-based and cultivated ingredients to offer the best from both worlds.

The conference will focus on themes like the development of cell-based meat or fish (lab meat) as well as microorganism-based egg and dairy products. Consumer trends as well as ethical approaches will also be discussed.

Anuga, the world's largest trade fair for food and beverages, is for the first time thus placing the emphasis on themes revolving around cultivated meat (lab meat) and cultivated dairy products in line with its key topic "Transform" and related trends such as clean label, alternative meat proteins or plant-based proteins and foods.

You can view the provisional programme here and for more information visit