Zero-Sugar Variant to Taste More Like Real Coke

In a statement and blog post, Coca-Cola announced it is launching an updated version of its Coca-Cola Zero Sugar which tastes more like its iconic namesake beverage. The new version uses the same ingredients, so the labelling and nutritional information will not change.

The updated Coca-Cola Zero Sugar will begin hitting shelves in the U.S. In addition to the taste, the Atlanta beverage company is redesigning the packaging with the Coca-Cola Zero Sugar in black script on top of a red background.

Coca‑Cola Zero Sugar, which launched in 2005, was reformulated in 2017 to bring its taste even closer to Coca‑Cola. Since then, the brand has consistently delivered double-digit growth, according to the beverage company.

“In order to continue to drive growth of our diets and lights category, we must keep challenging ourselves to innovate and differentiate just as other iconic brands have done,” Natalia Suarez, senior brand manager for Coca-Cola's North America operating unit, said in a statement.

“The consumer landscape is always changing, which means we must evolve to stay ahead.”