Packaging Hack from Oreo Protects Parents’ Snacks

Oreo has worked with brands, including Green Giant, Ford, Hanes, and Better Homes & Gardens to create a genius packaging hack that protects parents’ snacks from the prying fingers of their children.

We all know the feeling: reaching for a secret stash of sweets after a particularly stressful day, only to find that it’s been discovered and the treats demolished thanks to some thieving roommate, sibling, kid.

To combat this, Oreo has created new ‘incognito’ packaging for its Oreo Thins – the grown-up version of the classic sandwich cookie.

The limited-edition wrapping makes a package of cookies look like a vehicle owner’s manual, frozen vegetables, plain white t-shirts or a classic cookbook. That way, parents can slip sweets into the glove box, sock drawer, freezer or bookshelf and the kiddos will be none the wiser.