From Unwanted Spuds to an On-Trend Ingredient

Starting work on a new first-of-its-kind facility, UK supplier Branston is working on a project to convert unwanted potatoes into clean-label, functional protein for use in meat analogues. The new facility will be used to extract high-grade plant protein from unwanted potatoes at Branston’s site in Lincolnshire.

In collaboration with B-hive Innovations, the project aims to improve potato crop utilisation and reduce food waste. According to Branston, the new factory will see the introduction of bespoke technologies and capabilities to meet the growing demand for UK grown plant-based ingredients.

The protein made at Branston’s new facility will be used as an ingredient in vegan and vegetarian offerings that are ready to cook and will allow for a highly nutritious end-product.

“Most people are aware of potato starch and fibre in potatoes, but they don’t consider the highly nutritious protein fraction,” noted Richard Fell, managing director of Branston’s Prepared Foods division.

“We have a gentle extraction process that is designed not to de-nature the protein and deliver the highest quality possible.”