Targeting Conscious Consumers That Care About Provenance

Silver Fern Farms is relaunching its grass-fed, pasture-raised Venison Diced in a 750g pack size. This relaunch targets conscious consumers that care about the provenance of their food and the care and respect with which it was produced. This consumer segment has a greater propensity to purchase premium quality, lean, trimmed red meat that is sustainable and free from antibiotics. (Qualitative Research, 2020).

“Our research shows that 41% of premium meat consumers are now regularly buying venison, up from 30% five years ago. We’ve responded to that by ensuring our venison range offers something for everyone, from cuts that can be used to create special occasion meals to impress, to those that are quick, easy and nutritious for family week-night meals,” said Silver Fern Farms’ Group Marketing Manager, Nicola Johnston.

Qualitative research (2020), has highlighted that consumers are looking for larger meat cuts when they slow cook, that provide a hearty meal, with the expectation of having leftovers for the next day. The Venison Diced (750g) is better positioned to meet these consumer needs, leveraging popular ‘low and slow’ cooking trends in the category this winter. The Silver Fern Farms Venison Diced (750g) serves six generous portions, while being simple to prepare with specific instructions for the oven or slow cooker.

In addition to the deeper pack size, strong cues are communicated on-pack, identifying Venison Diced (750g) as an offering that is ‘made to be shared’ and a cut selected for slow cook. An on-pack Venison and Stout Pot Pie recipe provides inspiration for consumers while encouraging them to ‘Savour by the Spoonful.’ This is a recipe that caters to most, using basic ingredients that consumers can purchase from their local supermarkets, making it easy to create a winter warmer that you can look forward to coming home to on a cold winter’s day.

“Venison is higher in iron and selenium than beef and lamb, and lower in fat than skinless chicken. With its higher proportion of energy from protein, it’s a great choice for those who want to benefit from the nutritional value of meat while reducing saturated fat intake."

Silver Ferns Farms Venison Diced (750g) comes vacuum sealed for freshness and in perfect meal sized portions making preparation convenient. Ensuring that less time is spent cooking, and more time is spent sharing.

Silver Fern Farms new Venison Diced (750g) will be on-shelf in supermarkets later this month.

For more information, please contact Silver Fern Farms Retail Manager, Jonathon Toomer: