Coffee Crafted using Innovative Fermentation Technique

Featuring a fermentation technique believed to be a world-first, Nespresso has introduced Master Origins Nicaragua La Cumplida Refinada, its first seasonal coffee from Nicaragua, as part of the legendary Master Origins range.

From fresh bread to fine wine, the world of gastronomy is no stranger to the intricate and dedicated fermentation processes that transform raw ingredients into true culinary delights. Coffee experts at Nespresso have been working side-by-side with small-hold farms in Nicaragua to employ an innovative new fermentation approach to the local coffee craftsmanship process, resulting in a deliciously distinctive smooth and well-balanced cup.

The latest coffee is part of the Master Origins range, which consists of single-origin coffees sourced across the globe and made with unrivalled care by dedicated farmers; giving Kiwi coffee enthusiasts the chance to experience extraordinary taste profiles from the comfort of their own homes. The distinctive aromatics of these coffees are not only linked to their countries of origin, but also to the specific ways of processing coffee, by local farming communities.

The story of La Cumplida Refinada

Master Origins Nicaragua La Cumplida Refinada is an example of Nespresso’s passion and curiosity, in its quest to find a coffee process that reveals a cup bursting with surprising flavours.

Due to the exceptional climate and growing conditions, small farms in Nicaragua are known for their microlots of coffee, which are small, limited quantities of coffee grown by local skilled craftsmen. Coffee experts at Nespresso saw a recent rise of experimentation within the post-harvest coffee process, especially around the fermentation stage. Just like a fine wine, fermentation is a key stage in the processing of any coffee to unveil its true flavours and aroma. The conditions a coffee farmer chooses to ferment the coffee will determine the final taste in the cup.

This wave of research within the fermenting process of coffee set Nespresso on its journey to Nicaragua in 2018. Coffee experts worked collaboratively with local craftsmen and farmers from the La Cumplida region to perform hundreds of trials, to explore and finesse the fermentation process. It was found that by spraying the carefully hand-harvested ripest coffee cherries with natural yeasts and letting them ferment for 72 hours, the process would unlock a sweet and light profile bursting with wild fruity notes. Master craftsmen were then able to skilfully monitor time and fermentation temperature to reveal a bold coffee profile before the coffee is dried for a further 2-3 weeks.

After this exciting discovery, the challenge for the La Cumplida farmers and Nespresso was to scale this post-harvest coffee process to larger quantities for this limited-edition coffee, ensuring a quality cup each time.

A partnership for the future

The co-development of Master Origins Nicaragua La Cumplida Refinada signals Nespresso’s and Nicaragua’s shared value for regenerative agriculture, in supporting local communities by providing work that can be sustained for the future. So far, 20 farms in the region of La Cumplida are contributing their coffee cherries and they are all agroforestry havens. The project provided sustained seasonal work for many labourers, creating hundreds of jobs for people in the region to manage the harvesting, fermenting and drying of the cherries, but also the construction of the processing warehouse.

Nespresso is also supporting the local farms by planting up to 100,000 native trees, helping protect nature and sustain the production of high-quality coffee in this region.

The bold and ambitious project of La Cumplida has attracted a range of local and international investment and partnerships from agricultural entities like CIRAD (the French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development) to roasters like Nespresso.

Nespresso’s Master Origins Nicaragua La Cumplida Refinada is available online and at Nespresso Boutiques for a limited time.