Leading the Next Wave of Meat Alternatives

In a fast-changing marketplace, ADM provides cutting-edge plant protein solutions. With 75 years of expertise in protein, ADM understand your consumer needs and formulation-specific challenges in plant-based protein applications.

Consumers want the latest when it comes to alternative proteins that feed their demand for plant-based nutrition, but they also require great taste and texture. When it comes to meat alternative, dairy alternative and other plant-based protein solutions, the experts at ADM have the proprietary consumer insights, proven technical know-how and broad portfolio of ingredients to get the job done right.

ADM’s portfolio of proteins includes soy, wheat, pea, beans, pulses, ancient grains, nuts, and seeds. Every protein is proactively tested to determine its effect on taste and other sensory elements. Their R&D experts know the mechanics of taste and functionality, the ingredients synergies and how to bring it all together to get you to market quickly and successfully.

ADM’s Unique Avantage:

Leverage its premium portfolio of plant-based proteins in conduction with expert taste, nutrition, texture, functional benefits, and colour considerations, bringing you its ‘One ADM’ solutions and solving today’s challenges.

For more information on how ADM can help you with plant-based solutions visit adm.com/food/proteins