Improve Efficiency and Reduce Costs

Argus Heating Ltd partner with their customers to develop heating solutions that add value and reduce risk. By listening to your needs and understanding your business requirements, the Argus team can recommend the best solution for your application.

Specialists in element design and manufacture for more than 50 years, Argus Heating is a company focused on quality and continuous improvement and proudly continue to manufacture in Christchurch.

With a core product range of bulk container heating solutions supplied across New Zealand and the world, Argus Heating has the expertise to recommend the right solution for your application. Argus Heating’s products are used for heating, melting, reducing viscosity, and maintaining optimal product temperature for products such as fats, oils, honey, chemicals, and other ingredients.

As technical experts, they work with their customers to determine the element type and specification that best suits your specific application. They also service and repair all types of electric heating elements.

Some of their products include:

  • Drum heating jackets- specifically designed to heat the contents of drums, reduce the viscosity of products, or melt solids so they can be poured. Fitted with digital controller precise temperature regulation.
  • Drum insulated jackets - wrap easily around the drum and are held together with a velcro strip. They come with a built-in insulated lid for easy access for filling/dispensing. The jacket can be fitted after the drum is heated and will maintain the product temperature for an increased period of time.
  • Flexible silicone drum heaters-specifically designed to reduce the viscosity of products or melt solids so they can be poured. These can be used with other Argus Heating products such as a drum insulated jacket for greater heating efficiency and/or a drum base heater in situations where the drum and product will accept additional heat.
  • Metal drum base heaters- designed to reduce the viscosity of products or melt solids to a pourable temperature. The digital controller will maintain the required product temperature.

Argus Heating believe in supporting your process and protecting your product.

Visit or contact Argus Heating for expert advice on the best heating solution for your application.