Easi Recycling

Depending on the type of products made, the manufacturing industry can generate a wide range of waste, including plastic packaging, cardboard, food, metals and specialist waste, which makes it important to have an effective waste management solution in place.

A cheap waste bag is often the most expensive in financial costs and is harmful to the environment. Longopac will save up to 70% in plastic and save you money. Longopac is a continuous waste bagging system purposefully designed for business. Every bag is 100% full, 3 times stronger, 50% lighter than a traditional waste bag, available in 3 sizes and 6 colours to maximise recycling.

Here are a few ways Longopac will enhance the way your company manages waste:

New bag always in place – saves time
Minimises plastic bag waste – 100% full every time

Any spillage pulls through to the next bag - no contact with the waste

Environmentally Friendly
70% less Plastic
3 layered plastic – 3 times stronger and half the thickness of a traditional waste bag
6 different colours enabling easy segregation of waste at source

Reduce waste disposal

Continuous compressible bag- reduce waste volumes by up to 50%
Less volume results in less bag usage

100% full
Every Longopac bag is 100% full- the cost is 0.01 cents per litre waste
On average Longopac uses 70% less plastic than a traditional waste bag

Easy Bag change
The Longopac bag changes in 30 seconds in 4 easy steps

Cost Effective
Less bag usage results in reduced costs in the long run

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